James L. Salmon


James joined Benjamin, Yocum & Heather as a BIM and IPD consultant in 2010. As President of Collaborative Construction James advocates the use of virtual planning, design and construction tools and integrated project delivery. James also serves as an Adjunct Instructor of a Masters level BIM Strategy course offered by Middlesex University out of London. James is also a Special Advisor to the buildingSMARTalliance's Thought Leadership Committee.  James advocates the use of integrated project delivery (IPD) and the use of virtual planning, design and construction software tools. He relishes the challenge of replacing the built industry's broken culture with a smart procurement culture. James works with clients to modify existing legal frameworks to ensure support for the vision, skills, incentives, resources and actions required to achieve the changes necessary to adopt, adapt to and deploy a smart procurement culture throughout the built industry.

Collaborative Construction's innovative programs help owners plan, procure and operate facilities and infrastructure utilizing interactive digital assets. Use of such assets fosters innovation and supports smart built cultures.

In addition to consulting on issues related to creation of smart built cultures James teaches the cultural and legal implications of virtual procurement, planning and design and integrated project delivery locally, nationally and internationally and edits a variety of construction design and delivery related journals, articles and blogs, publishes the Collaborative Construction Blog and manages the 4,000 + member Golden Rule Alliance group on LINKEDIN.

James is dedicated to improving the efficiency with which physical assets supported by interactive digital assets are procured and delivered.  James improves that process by facilitating the selection, formation and training of integrated teams capable of delivering smart assets in a collaborative environment, and working to overcome barriers to those processes found in existing legal frameworks.  

James works closely with innovators on a multi-disciplinary basis to enable the built industry to create smart procurement cultures that deliver high quality, sustainable projects on time and on budget.

Entities interested in utilizing virtual design tools and collaborative teams to plan, procure, design, construct, commission, operate and maintain smart assets can contact James at JamesLSalmon@gmail.com, as can individuals and organizations interested in learning more about creating smart procurement cultures in local markets.

James earned a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from Texas Tech University in 1991 and a J.D. from the Cincinnati College of Law in 1994.  James' knowledge and skills benefit all stakeholders in the built industry.  References, publications and a CV are available upon request.