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Probate Administration

In the area of Probate Administration, Benjamin, Yocum & Heather attorneys represent executors, administrators, commissioners, trustees, guardians, beneficiaries and/or next of kin through the process of estate administration, ancillary administration, relief from administration, trust administration, guardianships, and step-parent adoptions throughout the Southern Ohio, Indiana and Northern Kentucky area. The attorneys and paralegals of Benjamin, Yocum & Heather work closely with the client to provide guidance through the estate administration process to allow for the inventory of assets, payment of debts and completion of the distribution of assets in an expedient manner.

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Ohio Valley Voices Gala

Ohio Valley Voices, an early intervention program serving severe to profoundly hearing impaired children out of Loveland, Ohio welcomed Connor Barwin, a Cincinnati Heroes ProCamp participant back to Cincinnati to speak at the organization’s 15th Annual Gala.  The event took place at the Phoenix in downtown Cincinnati from 6:30 p.m.  to 11:30 p.m. and was attended by over 300 friends and supporters of Ohio Valley Voices.  Follow the link below to listen to Brad Johansen’s interview with the former University of Cincinnati star.

Connor Barwin.jpg

Connor Barwin Interview 

As an early intervention program Ohio Valley Voices teaches children with hearing loss to listen and talk through the use of hearing aids and cochlear implants. Ohio Valley Voices is one of the top early intervention and educational programs in the country and it serves severe to profoundly hearing impaired children from birth through eight years of age.  Since 1999, Ohio Valley Voices has helped children in the Tri-State area communicate through listening and talking; forever changing their lives and the lives of their families.  

Lisa M. Bitter, a principal of BYH since 1999, serves on the Board of Trustees of Ohio Valley Voices and welcomes inquiries from individuals and entities interested in supporting the organization and the young people it helps.  Lisa received her Master's degree in Speech/Language Pathology. She worked with deaf children from preschool to high school age as a speech language pathologist in multiple educational settings for several years before pursuing her career as an attorney.  Call 513-721-5672 and ask for Ms. Bitter to learn how you can get involved and make a difference.

The attorneys of the Probate and Estate Planning Departments will also prepare the appropriate Federal and State Estate Tax Returns and Federal and State Fiduciary Income Tax Returns providing assistance in all areas of Estate Tax matters. Moreover, the firm advises clients in the application of life insurance benefits, death benefits, retirement plans/pension benefits or any other benefit plan.

The full line of services by the firm’s Probate Administration Department allows for the assistance and preparation of documents in the negotiation of the transfer and/or sale of estate assets. Firm attorneys will consult and work closely with appraisers, auctioneers, bank officers, real estate agents, title insurance examiners and/or stock brokers to allow for the proper management, transfer and/or sale of estate assets. The Probate Administration Department attorney will provide representation for all aspects of trust litigation including representation of trustee and/or trust beneficiaries. Trust services also include trust administration, accounting and termination and resolving disputes with the use of Private Settlement Agreements.

Estate Planning

In the area of Estate Planning, the experienced attorneys at Benjamin, Yocum & Heather work closely with the client to develop customized estate plans. The attorney reviews the client’s assets to suggest proper estate planning documents to allow for the transfer of assets with minimum administrative costs and with savings.

Firm attorneys can prepare documents that contain financial management provisions for a beneficiary, who may be a minor, ill, or in need of financial assistance for any reason such as for medical or educational needs and/or is not fully capable to handle his or her affairs. Benjamin, Yocum & Heather attorneys can also create the proper estate planning documents to provide protection to the beneficiary from creditors and predators.

Examples of documents which firm attorneys prepare in the Estate Planning area include: wills, codicils, living wills, living trusts, family support (credit shelter) trusts, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance trusts, education trusts, private settlement agreements, antenuptial agreements, children trusts, family limited partnerships, and durable power of attorney for financial matters and for health.

For a small business owner, Benjamin, Yocum & Heather provides planning regarding the sale and purchase of the business upon the disability or death of an owner, shareholder, member and/or partner and will prepare the appropriate buy/sell agreement pursuant to the current tax laws and financial considerations of the business.