Corporate Law, LLC's, Transactions and Contracts

Business owners of all sizes face numerous challenges, rules and regulations today. Our attorneys provide the experience and assistance to successfully navigate these issues. We represent all types of businesses, from large, public corporations to individual and small business owners.

Our attorneys assist clients with decisions such as choosing the right type of business structure, whether corporation or limited liability company (LLC). We handle all phases of corporate organization, from filing with the State to drafting the necessary regulations, bylaws and operating agreements.

Corporate Organization & Compliance
  • Contracts, leases and agreements
  • Intellectual Property Issues
  • MBE, DBE & SBE Certification

We can help coordinate your business needs with other important considerations, like estate planning. We can provide consultation and documents to ensure smooth business continuation in the event of a sale of the business, or death or disability of a principal owner. Such examples include buy-sell agreements, stock purchase and membership agreements.

We help you protect your business interests. We routinely assist clients with the drafting, review and modification of all types of contracts, including: leases; sales transactions; contractor/subcontractor agreements; deeds; mortgages; non-competition agreements; and documents involving the protection of intellectual property and other trade secrets.

We frequently assist clients with negotiations involving business and other commercial and financial transactions, including the purchase, sale or leasing of real property.

Certification as a Small Business Entity (SBE), Disadvantaged Business Entity (DBE), or Minority Business Entity(MBE) can have a significant financial impact on small companies and provide them with an additional edge in today’s competitive business world. Benjamin, Yocum and Heather has experience consulting and assisting small, minority, women and disadvantaged business owners with obtaining these important certifications from various Federal, State and Local governmental organizations.