BYH Summer Picnic

The firm will host a summer picnic August 2, 2017 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Courtyard of the American Book Building located at 300 Pike Street, Cincinnati OH 45202.

Patrick O'Neill, Tom Yocum and Tony Iaciofano all invited clients and a great time will be had by all. An after party featuring additional libations will likely take place at the Phelps Inn Bar located at 506 East 4th Street.

Public Owners Event in College Station

At a College Station gathering of public owners from all over Texas, including representatives from the State of Texas, several counties in the region and the Cities of Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Forth Worth, James L. Salmon will meet with executives associated with of the Leadership in Capital Projects organization and public owners to discuss procurement of planning, design and construction of BIM enabled built assets from BIM enabled teams operating in an IPD environment. The event is scheduled for August 10 and August 11.

Construction Reform in Ohio

Many trade contractors, design firms and suppliers are disappointed with the results of Ohio State legislature’s efforts to "reform" construction. It appears a groundswell of support for new substantive reforms may be on the horizon. BYH will keep its finger on the pulse of any such developments.

Smart Contracts on the Blockchain

This month's newsletter featured several articles related to the blockchain. That emerging technology will have an enormous impact on businesses of all kinds, including BYH clients. James L. Salmon will participate in the creation, execution and completion of a smart contract on the blockchain this fall as a part of the BIMStorm: Game Changers taking place, simultaneously, in San Jose, California and Washington D.C. this fall. The goal is to consumate a simple real estate transaction live, on the blockchain, and to transfer title to the parcel on the blockchain. Any individuals or entities interested in learning more about this fascinating new technology should contact BYH for more information.