Fall 2016 Newsletter



General Legal Interest

Dead Man's Statute: Dead or Alive


Asset Protection Group

Miller Trusts Now Required in Ohio


Meet the Lawyers of BYH

This fall and winter we intend to introduce our clients to the lawyers of BYH. Many of you know the lawyer you work closely with, but may not know other lawyers in the firm as well. In addition, you may know the professional side of your lawyer at BYH but not know very much about that lawyer outside the office. This month we are highlighting personal questions answered by the lawyers of BYH. Follow the links below to read more.


Tony Iaciofano


Brad Weber


Lisa Bitter


Tim Heather


BYH News & Events

Every month BYH Lawyers participate in a variety of events sponsored by charitable enterprises, professional organizations or the firm. Below is a summary of a few of the events BYH lawyers participated in recently.

BYH News & Events